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OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION takes charge of the process leading to the realization of a building project, from the needs of the client to the complete execution of the work.


Information and advice for our future clients
Compliance with the Contract for the Construction of Single-family Houses
Compliance with the Contract for the Construction of Single-family Houses
The quality of design and execution
The after-sales service


1- You have your plans :
They will be used, adapted if necessary, to bring your project to fruition

2- You have no plan:

Our interior designer master builder designs with you, your project, adapting it to the place, according to your desires, your lifestyle and your budget.
A sketch is thus proposed to you, support made by each of the craftsmen of the cooperative.


  • Supply
  • Award of works contracts

study and estimates

Once the project has been validated, according to the construction method and the materials chosen with you, a job-by-job, item-by-item costing will be sent to you for consultation. On this occasion, a leading company for your site will be designated, which will follow you throughout our partnership.

contract and implementation

Depending on the project, a work contract or a CCIH (contract for the construction of an individual house) will be drawn up and signed by you (see our contracts).

A schedule of realization will be established, the building site will proceed, a delivery of building site will be pronounced.

Site meetings will be organized.


architectural plans

choose the type of house you wish to build and OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION will draw up the corresponding plan.


We master the tools that allow us to know the structure’s behaviour,
by implementing the calculation rules and best practices for dimensioning reinforced concrete sections
We develop the elements of calculation, dimensioning and verification of the components of reinforced concrete structures.

3D preview

OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION creates the 3D models of the building to be presented, based on the information and documents provided (plans, drawings, sections, elevations, and/or 3D model). We will design each of its architectural features to the required level of detail.

We will then generate several approval reports to allow you to validate each of the important details of your project.

estimates and descriptions

In order to allow you to appreciate the price proposals, we draw up for you a descriptive and detailed estimate including all indications.


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