We put at your disposal all the necessary means, to carry out the works for the preparation of your land to be used for a new construction (manpower, machines, equipment…).


Our engineers first carry out a hydraulic study and establish the piezometric profile; they then define the type of pipe and the chosen diameters, as well as a modeling of the AEP network on the Epanet software.

study and implementation of building and public works projects

OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION takes charge of the process leading to the realization of a building project, from the needs of the client to the complete execution of the work.

Roads and streets development

We take care of all the requirements of the road manager: Creation of roadways, roadway development, maintenance of roadways…

a partner for your building projects

Our functional model is structured to handle a multitude of projects, including turnkey projects. We are also able to work from plans or according to preestablished specifications.

OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION collaborates on many projects for which we work closely with building owners, designers and managers. We also collaborate very often with architects and engineers to ensure that the client is completely satisfied.

your house a la carte

We design with you, step by step, the house of your dreams, and we realize it as you wish. Contact us


Wanting to do it all yourself may be a good thing, but some jobs require the use of construction, earthmoving and excavation equipment such as a mini excavator, backhoe, grader, loader, bulldozer, dump truck. OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION puts at your disposal a set of machines and manpower to enable you to carry out efficiently all your earthworks.


Information and advice for our future clients
Compliance with the Contract for the Construction of Single-family Houses
Compliance with the Contract for the Construction of Single-family Houses
The quality of design and execution

Laying out of roads

the road manager is confronted with a multitude of interests towards the use of
roads and must, through the vision he has for his city, make choices that
that meet the multiple expectations of users as much as possible. GROUPE OBERLIN therefore provides the necessary support in the following areas:

– Road safety

– street maintenance

– Road maintenance and site management

– Innovation at the service of the road manager

– Accessibility of major traffic-generating hubs and intermodality

Drinking water supply

OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION and its local partners are building drinking water supply networks in rural and isolated areas.

We operate in rural areas or cities with less than 25,000 inhabitants.

In concrete terms, our teams coverall stages ofthe construction of a drinking water supply network, focusing on effective collaboration with local partners.

  • Social intermediation
  • Engineering
  • Dimensioning
  • Energy Options
  • Construction
preliminary works

This work includes the realization of :

  • a platform for construction site installations;
  • site facilities ;
  • of the diversion of the intercepted networks;
  • the cleanup of the site – temporary fencing;
  • of restoring intercepted transverse flows.

We make one or more platforms for our worksite installations in compliance with environmental constraints, by making different equipment to prevent pollution.

On this platform, we install our site offices, our laboratories, our workshop for equipment and possibly our crushing and processing plants.

finishing touches

OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION, with their expertise in quality renovations, offer you a turnkey service for finishing work throughout your home. A visit from our site coordinator to your site is usually enough to identify all your needs. We then solicit our certified trades in your area. On arrival, you benefit from a single global quote for your entire renovation or fitting-out!

Domestic finishing works include both the design of the interior joinery of the house (doors, custom-made furniture) as well as floor embellishment (laying coverings such as tiles or parquet flooring) but also the essentials painting work. Revising living spaces is also possible by installing partitions… And the list is far from being exhaustive!

areas of expertise

Many Africans in the Diaspora have entrusted us with their construction work in Africa. The work is always carried out within the agreed standards and the buildings are delivered on time to their happy owners.

project study

Once the project has been validated, according to the construction method and the materials chosen with you, a job-by-job, item-by-item costing will be sent to you for consultation. On this occasion, a dedicated team will be appointed for your site, which will accompany you throughout our partnership.

project realization

Depending on the project a works contract or a CCIH (contract for the construction of an individual house) will be drawn up and signed by you (see tab our contracts). A schedule of realization will be established, the building site will follow its course, a building site acceptance will be pronounced. Site meetings will be organized.

plans and quotations

1- You have your plans :
They will be used, adapted if necessary, to bring your project to fruition

2- You have no plan:

Our interior designer master builder designs with you, your project, adapting it to the place, according to your desires, your lifestyle and your budget.
A sketch is thus proposed to you, support made by each of the craftsmen of the cooperative.


Our family has been systematically calling on the OBERLIN GROUP for several years. for renovation work in the apartments we occupy or those we rent out. We appreciate the professionalism of his team: accuracy, courtesy, availability but above all the quality of the work ! This time again the construction of a family duplex was carried out quickly, carefully and efficiently.

Congratulations and acknowledgements.

Mr Jean-Pierre FOPA

We are very satisfied with the work carried outby the OBERLIN GROUP; very professional and attentive, and very good advice.

Details of the service:

construction of the administrative building of the presbyterian institute CAMILLE CHAZEAU


OBERLIN CONSTRUCTION, Company very reactive, very professional, even with a small problem with the plans made by my architect they found a solution very quickly.”

Details of the service :

Construction house house dwelling lot Structural work

Mr Henry Marcel BILOA


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